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How Does Wellpointing Dewatering Work?

Understanding The Process We use a high-pressure jetting technique to install the points at precise depths in the ground. They then connect to riser pipes, which transport water from underground to the surface. with The riser pipes connected to a main pipe via a flexbow. The main pipe then connects to a wellpoint dewatering pump, which generates the suction necessary to extract water from the soil.

From here, the water drains to a designated point or collects in a tank before being removed from the site 

Wellpoint Dewatering?

Dewatering, a crucial process in excavation, involves the removal or regulation of surplus groundwater. This method ensures a secure and dry workspace for various applications such as pipeline construction, shallow foundations, and trench work. Particularly effective in shallow excavations or fine-grained soil conditions, it safeguards the structural integrity of the site during excavation and construction endeavors. Without proper management of the water table, risks such as surface flooding, foundational instability, rising dampness, and erosion of newly constructed buildings loom large. For optimal execution of wellpoint dewatering accessories manufacturer in India specializing in this field

Impulse Dewatering Pump: Our Top Wellpoint Dewatering Pump. 

The Impulse Wellpoint Dewatering Pump is designed specifically for pipeline construction and trench work on civil and construction sites. It is specifically designed to drain and dry work sites with limited groundwater.

The diesel-powered reciprocated piston pump also includes an integrated telemetry system for easy control and readings at a glance. It also includes a noise-reducing canopy to ensure that it meets urban and residential noise regulations.

The Wellpoint Dewatering Pump has the following key features:

  • Cylinder diameter: 175mm
  • Engine power: 7.5 kW
  • Capacity: 90 m3/h
  • Head: 22 mwc
  • Vacuum 9.5 mtr

Our Wellpoint Dewatering Pumps In Action

As a result, MB Exports supplied dependable, hassle-free dewatering pumps, establishing themselves as one of the trusted Dewatering Pump Manufacturers in India. Throughout the project, the pumps ran 24 hours a day, effectively managing groundwater levels and keeping everything running smoothly 


Wellpoint dewatering is important for managing excess groundwater during excavation and construction projects. Water can be efficiently extracted by strategically placing well points throughout the site and using specialized pumps such as the Impulse Dewatering Pump, resulting in a safe and dry working environment. This process improves the site’s structural integrity and reduces risks like surface flooding, foundational instability, and erosion. MB Exports’ successful deployment of wellpoint dewatering, demonstrates the technique’s effectiveness and reliability in various applications. Clients can rely on MB Exports to provide the Best Dewatering Pump Manufacturers in India  Contact us for more information about  Dewatering Pump and water movement needs.

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